Why study your degree top-up with Prowess University?

If you want to complete your degree and gain a qualification which will take your career to the next level, with Prowess you can study your degree top-up flexibly through distance learning or you can take advantage of our fast-track top-up. The fast-track top-up offer is the perfect ultimate in flexibility; it gives you face-to-face and online learning opportunity. Classes can be one or two days a week, allowing you to study at your comfort

Interested in studying your top-up degree through fast-track learning?

You can fast-track your degree top-up by studying through blended learning at one of our study centres. There are two main semesters in an academic year (Fall and Spring). The third semester (Summer) is optional for students who wish to expedite the completion of their program. The summer semester runs from June to September and students taking this option will pay the equivalence of one-semester tuition/fees. The top-up bachelors program takes about 18-24 months (3-4 semesters) depending on the student’s background; the bachelors program typically takes four years to complete but can be completed in three years if the students take the Summer option; the master’s program takes an average of 18 months (three semesters) depending on student’s academic background; the PhD program takes about 3-4 years depending on the student’s background and ability to complete their coursework and thesis on time.