The School of Open and Distance Learning, formerly known as The School of Correspondence Courses and Continuing Education, established under the Prowess University, was designed to accommodate adult working-class students whose desire is to work and study at the comfort of their base without limitation to acquisition of knowledge at an affordable tuition and flexible study schedule. The School offers learning through the distance education mode which is a viable alternative for students who need a flexible medium of instruction to attain higher education and vocational skills. In addition, the School maintains a well-stocked library to facilitate wide exposure to contemporary developments in streams of courses offered.

On many occasions, our SODL students have been toppers in various disciplines. The admission process for various courses in the School is governed by the norms established by the Prowess University. The Prowess University conducts examinations and confers the degree to successful students. There is no differentiation in the course curriculum followed by the School of Open Distance Learning and other constituent Schools and Departments of the University. In an effort to reach out to a larger number of students in meeting up with her goal of ensuring education for all, the school is in the process of opening up more Distance Learning Centers especially in Africa and Asia.  An experienced faculty and mentor is always available for academic interaction with students.
The program has been successful through the initiation of student-friendly ICT processes with able administrators and ICT team since its inception, which has enabled us to handle progressively complete online admission deliverables to students been admitted online.

The concept of Flipped Classroom technology is being introduced recently in SODL by preparing Video and Audio recorded lectures paving the way for future generation teaching and learning process, beyond the boundaries of a conventional classroom and moving towards Global pedagogical methods.

The new approaches to delivery modes, such as online open access of our study material via online library, the use of technology to support flexible learning model allowing learners to learn at a distance, experience enriched methods of Blended Learning/delivery methods and bringing parity in quality of education with regular students has raised the quality of students joining the SODL.

Dr. Drancha Sydney,
Director, School of Open and Distance Learning,
Prowess University, Delaware, USA.