A. Our Tuition fees are moderate and the most affordable and depend on your choice of programme. Contact us: info@pu-edu.us for more information.

The University has developed a flexible installment plan for payment of tuition fees.

Our lecturers are experienced professionals and result-oriented Lecturers.

Yes. Prowess University credits and degree has global acceptance.

Distance-learning is clearly an accepted form of cost-effective education for working professionals. Technology is furthering the distance-learning concept daily and making independent study education accessible to more and more individuals. Employers are aware of the fact that attending a classroom university is not possible for a significant number of their workforce and they recognize the corporate benefits that a career-related degree program can bring to their employees.

Yes – but transfer terms and conditions shall apply.

Yes – There are experienced counselors that can assist students and prospective students with all their academic needs especially your academic adviser.

You will need to come to the front desk of the admissions and records; fill a form, make payment then the transcript can be issued. If you are outside the country, you may apply online.

The registry is responsible for issuing all students certificates. Contact the registry on registrar@pu-edu.us

Prowess University currently offers undergraduate programs, postgraduate programs, as well as other short certificate courses. See our degree programs.

Short Courses are available in a variety of subjects and levels through the University.

Requirements vary from program to program. Information can be obtained from the school the admission unit or visit admission requirements page.

Information about how and when to apply should be sought from the School you wish to apply to. Students applying for undergraduate degrees should log on to our website or contact admission@pu-edu.us for more information.

Prowess University offers Diploma courses, top-up Bachelors Degree for students with PU Diploma or equivalent, Professional certificates to complete their Bachelors within 2-4 semesters. We offer Bachelors, Masters and Doctorate degree programs in over 100 courses.

Choose from over 100 programs and degrees. At Prowess University, you can change your major, but won’t have to change your school!

You can afford a top-tier private education. Find out how tuition and financial aid works, get more on our fee structure.

Yes, registered students can apply for deferment of studies and are free to rejoin whenever they are ready.

No, we do not require any entrance examination for admission.

Prowess Admission committee also considers letters of recommendation, work experience, research experience, publication, awards, statement of purpose and any other supportive documents as provided by the applicant for admission purposes into the university.

Yes. We accept credit transfer from all accredited and recognized universities.

No. You will need to go through our Top-up Bachelor’s program before you can be considered for Masters.

The Prowess University operates a trimester system: Spring between February to June, summer between June to September and fall between October to January. Students are free to apply and join in any Semester. Prowess University follows strictly the American University system. There are two main semesters in an academic year (Fall and Spring), the third semester is summer; students who include summer semester will pay for semester tuition. Students who take summer semester base on their academic background usually complete their program before other students.

Prowess University offers conventional programs using dynamic non-traditional institutional approaches; online and onsite programs in over 100 courses. Our programs are flexible to suit your needs with qualified and experienced tutors in over 50 countries to guide you through one-on-one friendly interaction, video conferencing; you get to see your professor live and can interact with him/her through our video conferencing technologies.

Yes, Prowess University Inc. is a duly registered not-for-profit-making post-secondary educational institution with the State Government of Delaware, United States of America (Registration File Number: 6940453). Degrees and Diplomas of The Prowess university receive full recognition and Accredited with an Authentication Number: 202930750 by the State of Delaware.

No mention of the words “equivalency,” “non-traditional,” “distance learning,” “online” or any similar expression will appear on your degree, your academic record or any other documents you receive from Prowess University are the same standards used by all US colleges and universities.

Yes. Contact the school for relevant information and all inquiries.

Yes. Terms and conditions apply.