Prowess Research and the International Office have made five awards under the International Research Partnerships and Network Fund. The initiative, financed by the University’s International Partnership Development Fund, was designed to enable the University Research Centres to develop and enhance international strategic partnerships and networks that facilitate sustainable research programmes.

Professor Kane Reed, Director of Interdisciplinary Research, said: Each of these awards will enable Prowess to partner with leading research institutions around the world to conduct targeted, first-class research on an enduring, collaborative basis.
The following International Research Partnership and Network Fund awards were made:
1. A research partnership fund with Pacific Research College, Melbourne Victoria, Australia
2. Ocean Flow Research Development Centre, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
3. Institute of Advanced Research Centre, Sao Paulo, Brazil. The Brazil-based institution houses a number of influential research centres and think tanks and has a high-calibre professional alumni network, particularly in business, law, media and politics.
4. MOUkam Global College, Douala, Cameroon
5. College of Research and Professional Studies, Switzerland
The Fund is one of a number of strategic partnership initiatives designed to support Prowess faculty in working internationally to enhance research quality, address global challenges and access new sources of funding for cutting-edge collaborative projects.