Prowess University Gets A Trio Accreditation

BQS - INQAAHE, EQF Accredits Prowess University

Prowess University Delaware-USA gets Full Accreditation for its courses through GAAP Standard for Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorate degrees program from The Board of Quality Standards (BQS) - International Network for Quality Assurance Agencies in Higher Education (INQAAHE), and European Union Qualifications Framework (EQF) having met the criteria on Quality Higher Education Standards.

Board of Quality Standards is an independent International Quality Assurance Regulatory Agencies for Higher Education; a member of International Network for Quality Assurance Agencies in Higher Education (INQAAHE), and European Union Qualifications Framework (EQF).
The International Network for Quality Assurance Agencies in Higher Education (INQAAHE) is an International Quality Assurance body recognized by CHEA. INQAAHE works closely with National Accreditation bodies and Academicians to control Educational qualities in over 140 Countries, established since 1991.
European Union Qualifications Framework (EQF) is an Agency of a political and Economic Union of 28 Member States that are located primarily in Europe with an estimated population of over 513 million members; the Agency acts as a translation device to make national qualifications more readable across Europe, promoting workers and Learners mobility between countries and facilitating their learning.

EQF is also charged with the responsibility of relating, Comparing, and better understanding different countries National qualifications levels system to a common European reference framework amongst individuals and employees in terms of Education and training systems.

GAAP Accrediting Standards

Degrees conferred by Prowess University have been internationally recognized by the Governments and private sector and also accepted by multinational businesses as well as colleges and universities for further study. The University was endorsed to the Generally Accepted Accrediting Principle (GAAP) and all transcripts are in GAAP, BQF, and ECTS. Under this Agreement, undergraduate students are required to complete a minimum of 30 GAAP credits or 60 ECTS credits or 120 BQF/QCF credits per year and total Bachelor degree credits 120 credits and duration four years of learning- Master 45 credits and duration 1/2 years of learning- Doctorate 60 credits above master degree duration 3 years of learning with completion of Dissertation and Viva Voice.

The letter to Prowess University Management reads in part: “Be it known that Prowess University as a Private International University has satisfactorily met all the BQS Standards of GAAP 2011 prescribed by the Accreditation Committee concerning Educational Quality, institutional integrity, and public accountability, through a voluntary and non-governmental review process of Quality Assurance and institutional development”. ” The accreditation Committee hereby conferred this full Accreditation together with all rights, honors, and dignity pertinent to this award”
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Prowess University...President Desk

President's Desk

Professor Bikash Sharma


Ladies and Gentleman, I welcome you to Prowess University, a new age Professional Online and Distance Learning University registered in the State of Delaware, USA. Prowess University was established with the objective of providing high quality, boundary-less and affordable education to all without any discrimination on the basis of color, creed, region or religion
Keeping our above objectives into perspective, the university has entered into collaboration with leading universities, colleges and institutions across the globe to offer dual degrees and certifications, easy student mobility via pathway and twinning programs and credit transfers.

Additionally, the university is seeking recognition from leading accreditation bodies from across the globe with the aim of making the university and its degrees globally acceptable. Being a new-age university, we focus on the current and in-demand courses, updating our curriculum on a regular basis in sync with the current market and industry needs.

Our focus on the highest academic standard and the concept of life-long learning has been appreciated by one and all
Your journey as a student of Prowess University will be an experience of a lifetime, making you a sought after asset in the corporate world.

Once again… Welcome on Board

Professor (Dr.) Bikash Sharma
Prowess University

PU gets Full Accreditation from QAHE

PU Gets Full Accreditation From QAHE

PU gets Full Accreditation from QAHE

Prowess University, Delaware-USA, gets full accreditation for its courses from International Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (QAHE) and features in its list of accredited institutions. QAHE is an expert in recognizing higher education institutions for research performances, student services and quality of teaching to value the confidence of the public along with supporting the development of quality assurance systems worldwide. Candidates having a QAHE accredited course certification will be recognized globally for the skills acquired and knowledge gained throughout the program.
PU performed excellently in QAHE’s accreditation eligibility criteria which contain the five areas mentioned below for which Prowess University underwent inspection of its Internal Quality Assurance System and review of its study programs.

  • Academic Quality and Integrity
  • Teaching Staff Qualifications
  • Delivery of Programs
  • Students Services
  • Website Design and Performance

With accreditation from an internationally acclaimed accreditation organization like QAHE, PU stands out and promises to ensure continuous enrichment of course delivery, teaching quality and research tasks to achieve and maintain its international standard in every aspect of providing training services to its students from across the globe.
PU’s accreditation can be verified at QAHE’s home page under ‘SEARCH INSTITUTIONS’ by typing the name of our institution.

Prowess University, Delaware Partners Institute Of Arts Management & Professional Studies (IAMPS), Nigeria

Prowess University has agreed on a partnership with a top Professional Institute in Nigeria to internationalize professional services and explore co-operation on education and research. The aim of the partnership was to agree on an administrator exchange to share best practice in the professional services. This will facilitate staff development, improve support for international scholars and help both institutions provide an excellent student experience.

The Institute of Arts Management and Professional Studies (IAMPS) is a Certified Professional Management Training Institute legally registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission, Nigeria and recognized by the Federal Ministry of Education Nigeria. The Institute has international accreditations and recognitions such as: International Standard Organization (ISO), Euro-American Joint Accreditation Services (EAJAS), Recognition Accreditation and Charter Council (RACC), World Safety Organization (WSO), Chartered Institute of Arts Management & Professionals, USA (CIAP).

"I am delighted to be embarking on this initiative with IAMPS, Nigeria," said Professor King Richson, Prowess President, during the visit."It has an excellent reputation as a top-tier world professional institute with global accreditation and recognition and a global hub for arts management knowledge and talent. "It is an institution dedicated to the development of a better world through arts and management, something that resonates strongly with our values here at Prowess."


Prowess University Signs Partnership With Turning Point Learning Field, Ghana

Turning Point Learning Field, Accra, Ghana; a registered and licensed educational training provider in Ghana has been granted a Full Partnership approval by Prowess University, Delaware-USA.

TPLF, Ghana was granted a Probationary Partnership Approval of Prowess University on the 6th October 2018 after a delegation of PU lead by the African Representative visited TPLF Ghana for site inspection and made satisfactory recommendations based on standard and quality assurance.

PU Probationary Partnership Approval is the first stage of the university's approval to her partners for evaluation and mentoring after site inspection; the performance of such partner within one year Probationary Partnership Approval determines the decision of the Board of Regents either to terminate or grant full partnership approval.

The Official Representative of TPLF Professor Chidi Justice expresses confidence in the Full Partnership Approval of Prowess University and assured a quality representation in accordance with the principles of the University.

diversity at Prowess University

The State of Delaware Awards Certificate of Existence and Good Standing to PU

Prowess University gets a Certificate of Existence and Good Standing from the State of Delaware as evidence of Authentication, Existence and Recognition by the government of Delaware.

The certificate was issued to the University as a mark of excellence in fulfilling its financial obligations and social commitments as an institution of higher learning in the State of Delaware.


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Prowess University Concludes Five new International Research Partnerships and Network Fund

Prowess Research and the International Office have made five awards under the International Research Partnerships and Network Fund. The initiative, financed by the University's International Partnership Development Fund, was designed to enable the University Research Centres to develop and enhance international strategic partnerships and networks that facilitate sustainable research programmes.

Professor Kane Reed, Director of Interdisciplinary Research, said: Each of these awards will enable Prowess to partner with leading research institutions around the world to conduct targeted, first-class research on an enduring, collaborative basis.
The following International Research Partnership and Network Fund awards were made:
1. A research partnership fund with Pacific Research College, Melbourne Victoria, Australia
2. Ocean Flow Research Development Centre, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
3. Institute of Advanced Research Centre, Sao Paulo, Brazil. The Brazil-based institution houses a number of influential research centres and think tanks and has a high-calibre professional alumni network, particularly in business, law, media and politics.
4. MOUkam Global College, Douala, Cameroon
5. College of Research and Professional Studies, Switzerland
The Fund is one of a number of strategic partnership initiatives designed to support Prowess faculty in working internationally to enhance research quality, address global challenges and access new sources of funding for cutting-edge collaborative projects.

Prowess Univerity, Delaware Partners Institut Superieure De Technologie Avancee Et De Gestion (ISTAG University, Porto Novo, Republic Of Benin)

A delegation was led by Prowess African Representative who visited partner universities, with the aim of increasing student mobility, recruitment and collaborative research, which included academic leaders from the School of Business, Management and Economics and School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences, as well as Professional Service staff from Development and Alumni, Global Engagement and International Recruitment.

The visit strengthened academic links that have been established since the University opened a regional office/study centre in the Benin Republic in 2018, including with the ISTAG University following the Memorandum of Understanding signing. At the Prowess University, Delaware, Professor King Richson signed a Memorandum of Understanding, which will enhance research cooperation, exchange program and postgraduate research training with the founder of ISTAG University. Prowess also has a student exchange agreement in place. Prowess and ISTAG plan to invest further in links between the two universities by supporting professional staff mobility and research alliances.

The delegation also discussed prospects for new research links and student exchange. Both universities offer undergraduate and postgraduate research placements and ISTAG delivers some of its international programmes in English.
The University hopes to grow the exchange in both directions, enabling more Prowess University students to experience academic life in one of the worlds most exciting and dynamic regions
For more information on Prowess partnerships in Africa, contact Princess Chizz, International Partnerships Officer (